“Welcome to Termoplast”

"Built upon the values of a family business, TERMOPLAST aim is to produce remarkable glazed windows, distinguished by its uniqueness, the highest technical and aesthetic level. Our guiding principles that make us different. We are your partners during all the period you use our products. We are interested in your return investment and its correct depreciation. The strategy we approached from the very beginning is that of a natural and organic increase of our brand. We have always aimed to offer a top product, ranking us as way of working at the opposite of other companies where the automation for serial production often leads to a predictable outcome and questionable satisfaction of customer’s expectations." - Manager TRP Neculai Catalin

What Recommends Us

  • Dedication
    We get fully involved, we show empathy and interest in your needs. We share the same values - love for family and home.
  • Diversity
    We offer professional solutions for multiple PVC and aluminum windows and a variety of glasses and accessories to cope with different needs.
  • Respect
    We give due importance to you and your desires. Our respect translates into innovative and tailored products.
  • Development
    We put first permanent research and innovation. We want to be the confirmation of a well-taken decision.
  • Protection
    We know how important is to protect your family. We create products that do not fail in protecting the home of those who trust us.
  • Experience
    People are undoubtedly the most important resource of our company. Investments in training our staff in each department are and continue to be a priority in our coordination programme.

We sell all over the whole Europe !

Built on the values of a family-run business, the mission of TERMOPLAST is to produce high-quality windows and doors at the highest technical and aesthetic level. We are proud that our products and services enjoy appreciation both in Romania and in the whole Europe!