An added value for your home!

TRP Synego is an innovative windows and doors systems with 6-7 insulating chambers, providing a thermal coefficient up to 0.96 w/m2k, with a minimalist design that brings efficient lighting to your room. The new TRP Synego window is equipped as a standard with square wing, 3 sealing gaskets and triple stained glass, therefore meeting the most exigent requirements.

Technical details

  • 6-7 Chambres
  • 3 Glass Sheets
  • 47-50 db Soundproofing
  • 80 mm Case Depth
  • 0.6-1.1w/m2k Stained Glass
  • 42-51mm Stained Glass Thickness
  • Până la RC3 Protection
  • Classical/Invisible Welding
  • Rounded/square Design
  • 1.5-2mm Reinforcement
  • 3 Seals
  • Aesthetics Window
  • Premium Equipment

  • Exclusive Equipment

Constructive Options

The new profile system Rehau Synego was officially launched on 26 March 2015, providing an entirely new product, with complete and complex technical solutions and with an optimal price/quality ratio for the residential and commercial sector.

The light gray seals for white profiles emphasize the contemporary .

Recommended for houses with low energy consumption and renovations with high energy efficiency.

We sell all over the whole Europe !

Built on the values of a family-run business, the mission of TERMOPLAST is to produce high-quality windows and doors at the highest technical and aesthetic level. We are proud that our products and services enjoy appreciation both in Romania and in the whole Europe!