Innovative windows - perfect energy balance!

Optional GENEO PHZ – Certified System for Passive Houses

The innovative GENEO windows are made of RAU – FIPRO, a composite material reinforced with glass fibers that eliminates the need of reinforcement! Thus, we can achieve the best performance for residential spaces in terms of energy – (e.g. Uw = 1.1 W/m2k) up to passive houses (e.g. Uw = 0.73 W/m2k).

Technical details

  • 6 Chambres
  • 3 Glass Sheets
  • 47-50 db Soundproofing
  • 86 mm Case Depth
  • 0.6-1.1w/m2k Stained Glass
  • 42-52mm Stained Glass Thickness
  • Până la RC3 Protection
  • Classical/Invisible Welding
  • Square Design
  • 1.5-2mm Reinforcement
  • 3 Seals
  • Aesthetics Window
  • Exclusive Equipment

Constructive Options

The highest coefficient of thermal insulation and energy saving through windows made of GENEO® profiles.

Constructive depth: 86 mm I sealing system with 3 gasket 6 Chambres for insulation
Straight fold

Improved energy efficiency by up to 76%
Thermal isolation with thermo-modules GENEO PHZ: Uf < 0.8 W/m2K
Thermal isolation with thermo-modules: Uf = 0.85 W/m2K
Thermal isolation without steel reinforcement: Uf = 1 W/m2K
Thermal isolation of profile with steel reinforcement: Uf = 1.1 W/m2K

Ideal for old or new constructions with high-duty in terms of thermal insulation and design (passive houses).

We sell all over the whole Europe !

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